Specialty Coffee

Our speciality coffee beans are roasted fresh to order each week in our own small batch roastery. All beans are available to buy as whole beans or in ground form (with various grind profiles available to choose from), just select your single origin or blend coffee and you will be able to choose grind type before adding to your basket.

Reach out via our contact form, give us a call, or have a browse through our blog to learn more about the origin of our coffees or about how we select and roast our magic beans.


From £9.95
Tasting Notes: Chocolate / Caramel

Daydream – Sugar Cane Decaf

From £10.95
Tasting Notes: Cherry / Molasses

Yemen – Al-Haimi

Tasting Notes: Rose/ Red Velvet / Silky  

Burundi – Masenga Hill

From £11.95
Tasting Notes: Floral / Orange / Hibiscus

Tasting Box ( 4x 125g)

If you are looking to try out different coffees but don’t want to

Mexico – Nelson Jimenez

From £13.50
Nano-Lot Tasting Notes: Pomelo / Peach / Raisins

Ethiopia – Bombe Natural

From £14.50
(Microlot) Tasting Notes: Blueberry / Caramelised Pineapple / Mango

Ethiopia – Bombe Washed

From £14.50
(Microlot) Tasting Notes: Peach / Chamomile / Honey

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Magic Beans

We want nothing less than to roast the best specialty coffee in the world.

Our range of speciality coffee beans including decaf beans, blends and single origin beans are listed above available to buy right here in our online shop, in our Aberdeen coffee shop or via our uk specialty coffee subscription which offers a totally flexible way to buy some of the best coffee beans or ground coffee roasted in Scotland and the UK.

About our coffee

We source some of the best coffee beans we can get our hands on, in green bean form and roast to order from our Aberdeen roastery each week.

All our coffee beans are specialty grade which you can learn more about in our blog. You can also find tips on home brewing methods and other information on coffee bean varietals, decaf coffee and basically anything coffee related!

We offer a range of single origin coffee and blends which we alternate based on our small batch green bean origins. Our own ‘origin story’, if you are interested in learning more about how Figment came to be, is available in video form here.

Coffee is roasted every Tuesday and orders shipped on Wednesday, ensuring you have freshly roasted coffee delivered to your door. All of our speciality coffee beans are available to purchase on our online coffee shop, as a flexible coffee subscription, as wholesale or in our coffee shop.