Wonderland – Coffee Subscription

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A consistent and comforting coffee that brings familiar flavours and sensory delight. 

If you are looking for the coffee that delivers in every situation and is consistent time after time then our Wonderland Coffee Subscription is for you.  A timeless blend that captivates with each familiar sip Wonderland is crafted from the freshest, specialty green beans.  Wonderland offers a delightful balance with notes of chocolate and caramel, making it versatile for both luscious milk-based espresso creations and as a satisfying black coffee experience. Customise your monthly delivery, selecting the number of bags, volume and grind type. Enjoy our consistent blend, thoughtfully crafted by our expert roasters, delivering a comforting cup for every day.


Please note that we will ship your coffee next Wednesday after your payment has been successfully collected every month.


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250g, 1kg