Daydream – Sugar Cane Decaf

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Cherry / Molasses

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“You might just as well say, ” added the Dormouse, who seemed to be talking in his sleep, “that ‘I breathe when I sleep’ is the same thing as ‘I sleep when I breathe’!”

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland Lewis Carroll

This specialty grade sugar cane decaf is not like other decaffeinated coffees, our Daydream Decaf is flavourful and sweet with notes of Cherries and Molasses. We feel confident that this decaf stands equal to our other coffees. This is a decaf for coffee lovers who need to sleep……and to breathe!

How is decaf coffee made?

Sugarcane decaffeination utilizes a naturally occurring by product from local sugar production to decaffeinate coffee.

Decaffeinated coffee is pretty similar to regular coffee beans but with most of the caffeine removed, yes – most! Decaf coffee still contains a very small amount of caffeine as this can’t be removed completely, but it holds about 3-5% off the caffeine in an equivalent caffeinated cup of coffee.

For example, a regular cup of coffee has around 95 milligrams of caffeine whilst a cup of decaffeinated coffee has around 2-4 milligrams of caffeine in it.

We find that our decaf bean is loved by those looking to keep caffeine intake to a minimum for whatever reason, or by coffee lovers who just don’t want to be bouncing off the walls after several cups of fully caffeinated coffee each day! Give our sugar cane decaf beans a go and let us know what you think – we think you might struggle to tell the difference!

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