Peru – Phuyu

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Cherry Chocolate Bonbons

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  • Coop: Huasimal

  • Farmers: Over 100 small producers
  • Region: San Miguel del Faique, Piura

  • Green Coffee Certifications: Organic

  • Varietal – Various

  • Processing – Natural

  • Altitude – 1,500 m.a.s.l

More about Phuyu

Organically grown in San Miguel del Faique, a special place in the heart of Peru. The name ‘PHUYU’ means ‘cloud’ in Quechua, named because of the morning clouds that are common in this area. Even though it is a dry place, it is really good for growing coffee because of its rich soil and the way people have farmed there for a long time.

Our sourcing partner Belco, collaborated with Origin Coffee Lab, utilising their expertise and enthusiasm for creating something truly special. Together, they embarked on a journey to master the Natural coffee process, a technique that brings out the distinct flavours and aromas unique to this region.

‘PHUYU’ comes from the Huasimal Coop, which started in 2020 and now includes over 100 small coffee producers. These people really care about their coffee tradition and even have a big festival every year to celebrate the end of the coffee harvest.

We invite you to take a sip of this Peruvian coffee, where you will be greeted with a luxurious fusion of cherry chocolate bonbons, each sip intertwined with subtle notes of tropical fruits.

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250g, 1kg