Mexico – Nelson Jimenez

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Pomelo / Apple / Raisins

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More about Nelson Jimenez

  • Farmer – Nelson Jimenez

  • Region – Acatenango de la Frontera

  • Variety – Red Bourbon

  • Processing – Washed

  • Altitude –  1,600 m.a.s.l

Speciality Mexico origin coffee beans roasted in Scotland. This Nano-lot is produced by Nelson is a young farmer, the only one of the family still working with his parents in the coffee plantations. He remains linked to his hometown and land, in a region where most of the young men easily migrate to US looking for opportunities.He was a winner in Premio Cafeologia 2020.

Now he is  part of the Beneficio Comunitario Cafeología at Sierra Madre. Working with Jesus Salazar from Cafeologo who developed a coffee growing project in Chiapas in 2010 involving the Mayan communities. He works directly with 140 micro-producers who grow high quality coffee under the shade of the Mexican primary forest. Far from intensive production, each farmer produces about 20 bags per year. Jesus, Q-processor, accompanies them on the technical side of the process to create high quality nano-lots, the best we have tasted in Mexico for a long time! Jesus has developed a network of producers in the Chiapas area. First in the Aldama area (with the beneficio comunitario San Pedro), then in the Tenejapa area (Beneficio comunitario Sibactel) and recently in the Amatenango de la Frontera area.

Brewing methods can be found here.

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