Ecuador – Gladys Erazo

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Dulce de Leche / Hibiscus / Pistachio

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More about Gladys Erazo

  • Farm -Cutanapamba

  • Owner – Gladys Erazo

  • Region – Loja

  • Variety – Bourbon

  • Processing – Washed

  • Altitude – 1,700 m.a.s.l

  • Sourcing Partner – Makicuna

Last year, we introduced you to a truly special coffee from Ecuador, cultivated with care and dedication by Gladys Erazo, a talented woman producer known for her commitment to quality and sustainable farming practices. This year, our journey took us beyond the story, directly to Gladys’ farm, located in the lush, wild woods of Ecuador. Our visit has deepened our connection to the coffee, the land, and the remarkable woman behind it all.

Gladys welcomed us with open arms, her warmth and hardworking spirit immediately evident. Exploring her farm was an eye-opening experience, revealing the sheer dedication required to produce coffee. Walking through the natural beauty of the farm, with some trees flowering and others bearing ripe cherries ready for harvest, we gained a newfound appreciation for the complexity of coffee farming.

Following our walk, Gladys invited us into her home, where we were treated to the season’s fresh papaya and had the privilege of tasting her honey. It was unlike any other—floral, smooth, and perfectly sweet, reflecting the biodiversity of her farm.

Our visit coincided with a meeting with APECAEL, the local association of coffee growers Gladys is an integral part of. We learned first-hand about their commitment to organic farming practices, despite the prohibitive costs of official organic certification. Their dedication to producing their own organic fertilizers is a testament to their commitment to eco-friendly farming and community support.

This year, we are delighted to bring Gladys’s coffee to you once again, enriched by the personal connections and insights gained from our visit. Her coffee, with its delightful sweet aroma, creamy body reminiscent of dulce de leche, delicate hibiscus notes, and a pistachio-accented finish, is more than just a beverage. It’s a reflection of Gladys’s passion, the unique land of Ecuador, and the hard work and dedication of women producers in the coffee industry.

Our exploration extended to APECAEL’s headquarters, where we participated in a cupping session featuring a selection of coffees from the association. Among the array of exceptional coffees, Gladys’s stood out on the table, a testament to her skill. This cupping experience not only showed the quality of coffee produced by APECAEL members but also reinforced Gladys’s coffee as a remarkable example of their collective efforts.

As we continue to support Gladys and her work, we invite you to share in the journey and taste the exceptional flavours of her labour. Gladys Erazo’s coffee is not just a cup, but a story of empowerment, community, and the transformative power of sustainable agriculture.

This rewarding experience would not have been possible without the help and support of Andre from Makicuna, our sourcing partner, who kindly took us around Ecuador. His expertise and passion for coffee were crucial in making our visit truly memorable. Gracias!

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