Ecuador – Gladis Erazo

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Dulce de Leche / Hibiscus / Pistachio

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More about Gladis Erazo

  • Farm -Cutanapamba

  • Owner – Gladis Erazo

  • Region – Loja

  • Variety – Bourbon

  • Processing – Washed

  • Altitude – 1,700 m.a.s.l

We are delighted to share with you a truly special coffee from Ecuador, carefully crafted by the talented women producer, Gladys Erazo. This exquisite coffee has delightful sweet aroma and creamy body that evokes the rich, velvety flavour of dulce de leche. Delicate notes of hibiscus, offering a subtle yet vibrant touch, while the finish is graced with  pistachio notes, adding a delightful nuance to this great coffee.

Gladys is not only a skilled coffee farmer, but also an active member of the local association of coffee growers, APECAEL, where she actively participates in various sustainable farming practices.

One of the notable initiatives of APECAEL is the production of organic fertilisers, in which Gladys plays an active role. She, along with other members of the association, produces their own organic fertilisers, which not only promotes eco-friendly farming practices, but also allows them to sell the surplus locally, contributing to the local economy. In addition, Gladys benefits from the valuable consultancy services provided by agro-engineers, coffee processing experts, accountants, and other professionals through her association membership, further enhancing her knowledge and skills in coffee production.

Gladys’ farm spans 1.8 hectares, and she carefully cultivates mostly Bourbon, a renowned coffee variety known for its distinctive flavor profiles. She also grows a small portion of Typica, another esteemed coffee variety. With meticulous care and attention, Gladys produces approximately 600 kg of parchment coffee per year. Notably, all the coffee from her farm undergoes a thorough washing process, ensuring that only the finest beans are harvested, resulting in a truly exceptional cup of coffee.

But Gladys’ farming endeavors do not stop at coffee alone. She is also a dedicated beekeeper, adding another dimension to her farm’s productivity. By selling honey in local markets, Gladys has created a second source of income from her farm, while also contributing to the preservation of bees and their crucial role in pollination.

Gladys Erazo’s farm is a true example of sustainable and diversified farming practices, and her commitment to quality and community-driven agriculture is truly commendable. The coffee she produces not only embodies the rich flavors of Ecuador, but also represents the hard work, dedication, and empowerment of women producers in the coffee industry. We are proud to bring you this exceptional coffee from Gladys’ farm, a true reflection of her remarkable story and the unique terroir of Ecuador.

Sourced by : Makicuna

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