Ecuador – El Aguacate


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Cherry Blossom / Blood Orange / Papaya


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  • Farm – El Aguacate

  • Owner – Pablo Eguiguren

  • Region – Loja

  • Varietal – Typica Mejorado

  • Processing – Honey

  • Altitude – 2,100 m.a.s.l

  • Sourcing Partner : Makicuna

More about El Aguacate

Cultivated with passion and precision by Pablo Eguigiren on his family’s farm, a legacy initiated by his grandparents, Gonzalo and Susana Eguiguren. This specialty coffee is derived from the Typica Mejorado variety, a cross between Bourbon and an Ethiopian Heirloom created in Ecuador. It brings forth a unique, complex, and sweet flavor profile similar to the Gesha variety that coffee enthusiasts will enjoy.

The coffee undergoes a meticulous honey process: an 88-hour fermentation in cherry within sealed tanks, followed by pulping and a second fermentation with the addition of mosto from the same cherries. It is then laid to dry on African beds with its mucilage for approximately 20 days, ensuring a sweet, nuanced cup.

Situated a brief drive from Loja city, the stunning farm is presided over by a lovely house filled with antiques. Since assuming responsibility for the farm’s coffee production in 2018, Pablo has excelled, highlighted by a second place in the Cup of Excellence 2021. The farm also boasts an organised traceability system, meticulously recording detailed information for each lot harvested and processed.

Our visit to Pablo’s farm last August was unforgettable, not only for the breathtaking scenery but also for the hospitality experienced at his coffee shop. Here, over some delicious arepas, we had our first taste of his coffee—an experience so profound that it solidified our decision to bring this exquisite coffee back to Scotland.

A shoutout to Andre from Makicuna for showing us around Ecuador and introducing us to Pablo.

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