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Raspberry / Lavender / Vanilla

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More about Cruz Loma

  • Farm -Cruz Loma

  • Owner – Galo and Alexandra Morales

  • Region – Pichincha

  • Variety – Typica Mejorado and Sidra

  • Processing – Washed Anaerobic

  • Altitude – 1,450 m.a.s.l

Cruz Loma, located in the picturesque region of Ecuador, is not just any coffee farm. It is a labor of love, passed down through generations of the Morales family. With over 20 years of coffee production experience, Cruz Loma has established itself as a renowned name in the coffee industry.

In the last 6 years, Cruz Loma has made a bold move to focus on specialty coffee, under the leadership of Galo Morales, a former technician for Caravela. Galo’s invaluable experience has been instrumental in elevating the quality and uniqueness of the coffee produced at Cruz Loma. Together with his wife, Maria Alexandra, they have taken their farm to new heights, becoming pioneers in the country’s coffee industry.

Cruz Loma’s commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. In 2021, their Typica Mejorado Sidra Anaerobic coffee secured the coveted 1st place in Taza Dorada, a prestigious coffee competition. The following year, in 2022, the same coffee bagged the 3rd place in Cup of Excellence, a testament to Cruz Loma’s unwavering dedication to producing exceptional coffee.

The process of producing Cruz Loma’s coffee is meticulous and hands-on. The cherries are handpicked with care between May and July, ensuring only the ripest ones are selected. These cherries are then fermented anaerobically for 24 hours in carefully monitored fermentation tanks, enhancing the coffee’s flavor profile. After fermentation, the cherries are pulped, washed, and carefully spread out on drying beds for slow and controlled drying. The unique drying process takes place during the daytime under the warm Ecuadorian sun and at night inside polytunnels, allowing for optimum moisture removal and flavor development.

One of the factors that sets Cruz Loma’s coffee apart is the varietals they cultivate – Typica Mejorado and Sidra. These varietals have their origins in Ecuador and were developed in a research farm located in the nearby Pichincha province. It is believed that both Typica Mejorado and Sidra are descendants of Ethiopian Landraces, crossed with bourbon. In recent years, these varietals have gained widespread popularity due to their exceptional quality, complexity, and unique flavor profiles that they impart to the coffee.

In conclusion, Cruz Loma is not just a coffee farm, but a labor of love that has been producing award-winning coffee for over 20 years. With a focus on specialty coffee, meticulous processing methods, and unique varietals, Cruz Loma has earned its place as a leading coffee producer in Ecuador and beyond. Savoring a cup of Cruz Loma’s coffee is truly a sensory experience, with flavors and aromas that are a testament to the Morales family’s passion and commitment to excellence.

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