Daydream – Coffee Subscription

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A pleasant dreamlike fantasy indulged in while awake.

This definition of a daydream perfectly captures the essence of Figment’s Daydream Decaf coffee.  This is an extraordinary decaf experience that defies the norm. This specialty-grade, sugar cane decaf boasts exceptional flavour and sweetness with delightful notes of cherries and molasses.  Daydream is a testament to our commitment to quality that stands equal to our other coffees. Designed for coffee lovers who appreciate the nuanced artistry of decaffeinated brews, this decaf is not just a substitute but a flavourful escape. Perfect for those who crave a restful night’s sleep and the simple joy of breathing deeply.  Customise your monthly delivery, selecting the number of bags, volume, and grind type.  Our Daydream Decaf Subscription delivers a consistent, soothing cup without compromising on taste.


Please note that we will ship your coffee next Wednesday after your payment has been successfully collected every month.


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250g, 1kg