Colombia – Luis Edgar Camacho

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Orange / Tropical Fruits / Juicy


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  • Farmer – Luis Edgar Camacho

  • Region – Palestina, Huila

  • Varietal – Colombia Rosado

  • Processing – Fully Washed

  • Altitude – 1,620 m.a.s.l

More about Luis Edgar Camacho

This coffee offers a delightful sensory experience with its prominent tasting notes of orange and tropical fruits, leaving a juicy  finish. A true testament to Luis Édgar Camacho’s expertise as a farmer, this Colombia Rosado varietal is grown at an elevation of 1620 meters, contributing to its exceptional flavour profile. Sweet, bright and complex.

Sourced by LaREB, a small foundation we work directly with, dedicated to supporting smaller or less experienced farmers with production advice and quality control, this coffee embodies a commitment to secure supply chains and provide fair value to producers. Herbert from LaREB, visited us back in February at our roastery. His visit forged a meaningful partnership that has now come full circle as we are eagerly preparing to visit him and Luis Edgar Camacho in August. This connection reflects our shared passion for exceptional coffee and fosters a strong bond between the growers and roasters.

The coffee’s journey from bean to cup is meticulously managed through a fully washed process that involves overripe picking and careful 24-hour in-husk resting. Following this, a unique 48-hour anoxic fermentation process adds complexity to the coffee. The beans are further fermented in air-locked containers for 96 hours, ensuring a balance of sweetness and brightness. With a 5:200 water ratio for washing and 25 days of greenhouse drying, the coffee attains its perfect form.

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