Colombia – Jairo Arcila

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Passion Fruit / Lychee / Mandarin


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  • Micro-lot

  • Farm – Santa Monica

  • Owner – Jairo Arcila

  • Region – Armenia, Quindio

  • Varietal – Pink Bourbon

  • Processing – Passion Fruit Co-Fermented

  • Altitude – 1,500 m.a.s.l

  • Sourcing Partner : Cofinet

More about Jairo Arcila

This Passion Fruit Infused Pink Bourbon undergoes a 72-hour dry anaerobic fermentation process with the pulp on, during which passion fruit pulp is added to infuse the beans with its distinctive, tropical flavour. This step is followed by careful drying on raised beds alongside passion fruit pulp, ensuring each bean achieves the ideal moisture content while absorbing the fruit’s vibrant essence. This micro-lot is exclusively comprised of Pink Bourbon, a varietal under research for its origins, believed to be a mutation from San Adolfo, Huila. Cultivated at altitudes of 1450 – 1500 meters above sea level, this coffee offers a tasting profile that is a harmonious blend of ripe passion fruit, lychee and mandarin.

Grown on the Santa Mónica farm by the esteemed Jairo Arcila, a third-generation coffee grower, this coffee encapsulates a legacy of passion, innovation, and family heritage in every bean. Jairo Arcila’s journey in the coffee industry is marked by dedication and a pursuit of excellence. With a career spanning over four decades as a Mill Manager for Colombia’s second-largest coffee exporter, Jairo has imbued his work with unparalleled expertise. Upon retiring in 2019, he fully embraced his passion for coffee cultivation, guided by his sons, Carlos and Felipe Arcila, co-founders of Cofinet. Together, they have redefined the essence of specialty coffee, focusing on exotic varieties and meticulous processing methods that highlight the unique flavours of their harvests.

Our visit to Colombia last August, facilitated by the warm hospitality of Santiago and the Cofinet team, allowed us to discover this tasty coffee. The Passion Fruit Infused Pink Bourbon Coffee stands out as an experimental coffee processing, where the addition of passion fruit during fermentation creates a profile that is as stunning as it is unique.

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250g, 1kg