China – Gui Ben

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Strawberry / Almond / Mango


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More about China – Gui Ben

Farmer : Tang Xiang And Tian Cai

Washing Station – Guiben

Region – Yunnan

Varietal – Catimor

Processing – Natural

Altitude – 1,400 to 1,630 m.a.s.l

This coffee originates from Shigaoqing and Guiben, an area traditionally famous for its exceptional tea. Based in a remote part of Yunnan, east of Pu’er City and close to the Laos border, the region is home to many ethnic minorities including Hani, Miao, Dai and others.

The production of this coffee is spearheaded by Mr Tian Cai, who is the Farm Operations Manager, with family member Mr Tang managing the farm on a day to day basis. They belong to a small group of farmer families in the Guiben region of Yunnan province.

Cherries are grown by these farms as well as purchased directly from nearby smallholder farmers. Mr Tian Cai and Mr Tang’s principal motivations with the production of specialty coffee are two-fold – bringing sustainable livelihoods to their families and those of the local smallholder farmers in the surrounding area as well as returning the land back to being more biodiverse – many farms focus on one cash crop such as bananas. As a result, they are planting macadamia trees, mangoes, oranges among the tea and coffee fields. Only organic fertiliser is used.

Mr Tian Cai works for Yunnan Coffee traders, closely working with our sourcing partners Indochina, providing great results with some of the best Chinese specialty coffees we have tasted. And definitely this Gui Ben is a proof for it a very aromatic and sweet coffee with strawberry notes, roasted almonds and mango.


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