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Red Fruit Compote / Milk Chocolate / Caramel


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More about Banka

Washing Station – Banka

Region – Yunnan

Varietal – Catimor

Processing – Natural

Altitude – 1,350 m.a.s.l

Sourcing Partner – Indochina

Banka farm, initially developed by Mr. Hu, a Yunnan native with nearly 20 years of experience in Menglian, has been a pioneer in large-scale coffee production. Highly respected locally, Mr. Hu employs hundreds of harvesters from diverse ethnic groups. In 2018, Yunnan Coffee Traders took over managing parts of Banka, introducing advanced technologies like optical sorters. Today, the farm produces both large-volume specialty lots and smaller batches of natural and honey-processed coffees.

The journey of Banka Natural Coffee begins with the meticulous harvesting of coffee cherries. Local farmers, handpick each cherry from the estates of Banka farm and the surrounding villages. This manual selection process ensures that only the healthiest and perfectly ripe cherries make it to the next stage of production.

After harvesting, the cherries undergo a rigorous sorting process. At the forefront of technological adoption, the farm uses an advanced optical colour sorter to meticulously remove any cherries that do not meet the strict criteria for ripeness and quality, along with any foreign materials. This attention to detail at the sorting stage is crucial for maintaining the high standard of the coffee.

The partnership between the people of Indochina and Yunnan Coffee Traders is built on a foundation of mutual respect and a shared commitment to producing exceptional coffee. This collaboration not only brings out the best in the coffee produced but also supports the local communities, providing sustainable employment and fostering economic growth.

This coffee is rich taste, with notes of red fruit compote, complemented by the smooth qualities of milk chocolate and the sweetness of caramel.

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250g, 1kg