Brazil – Acali

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Chocolate / Stone Fruit / Jasmine Tea


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  • Farm: Mió Fazenda

  • Region – Monte Santo de Minas

  • Varietal – Gesha

  • Processing – Honey

  • Altitude – 900 – 1,000 m.a.s.l

More about Acali

Discovered at a cupping event organized by Ana Luiza from Mió Fazenda at Cult  in Edinburgh, this Gesha coffee made a nice impression. We’re excited to share it with you.

This coffee features a delightful blend of fruity and creamy notes, with distinct flavours of  Stone fruit, honey and jasmine tea. It is processed using the honey method at Mió Fazenda, where cherries are mechanically de-pulped at the wet mill while keeping the mucilage attached. This process preserves the sugars in the mucilage, contributing to a pronounced body and a chocolaty sweetness in every cup.

Enjoy the unique taste of this Brazilian coffee, brought to you by the skilled farmers at Mió Fazenda.

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250g, 1kg