Beanstalk – Compostable Pods Subscription

From £19.50 / month

Eco-Friendly Pods: Rich Flavour, Sustainable Choice

Perfect Subscription for those who rely on coffee pods for their daily home or/and office brew, our product offers a sustainable and flavourful solution. Compatible with original Nespresso® machines or similar style, home compostable pods filled with 100% specialty Brazilian coffee. The rich notes of chocolate and roasted nuts make it ideal for both black and milky coffees. By choosing our eco-friendly pods, you contribute to reducing landfill waste from traditional plastic and aluminum pods. Compost them in your council food bin or garden compost and join our mission for a greener planet. Ideal for everyday coffee enthusiasts who value both quality and environmental responsibility.

Please note that we will ship your coffee next Wednesday after your payment has been successfully collected every month.


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