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Origin Ethiopia

Ethiopia is referred as the birthplace of coffee. Arabica plants are native to Ethiopia, and many of the Arabica varieties now cultivated worldwide have their genetic roots in wild coffee growing in Ethiopian forests. 

In the 1600s coffee was first exported from Ethiopia. At the time the coffee was harvest from the wild coffee trees, rather than from plantations. Nowadays, the country  produces around 860 million pounds of green coffee beans annually.  Coffee also provides the main income for up to 25% of the population. More than 15 million people grow coffee as their major cash crop. The Ethiopian government also depends on coffee to generate between 25 and 35% of total annual export earnings.

Ethiopia has an impressive array of varieties that are unique to each region, there are more than 130 widely cultivated local landraces. Often the term “Heirloom” is used to describe Ethiopian coffee varieties.

The tasting profile of Ethiopian coffee due to this genetic diversity of landrace trees we mentioned, the the profiles can change between farms with similar growing and processing conditions. Can be find diverse flavours from citrus, florals to candied fruits or  even tropical fruits. Washed coffees being elegant and complex and the good natural processed ones can be unusual and extremely fruity.

We often have at least one Ethiopian origin coffee in our café or available in whole bean or ground bags on our online store. See below for our current products from Ethiopia or click the button to visit our full online store.