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Origin Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most advanced coffee producing countries in Central America. Thanks to innovations, technical knowledge and attention to coffee production. The climate also plays an essential role in the high quality coffee produced. 

Coffee has been grown in Costa Rica since early 19th century when the country declared the independence from Spain in 1821. From the beginning the government encouraged the coffee production by giving away land to those who wished to grow coffee on it. 

90% of the country’s 50,000 coffee farmers are smallholders, and starting from the mid 2000s, to today many deliver their cherry to micro-mills that often process cherries according to producer specs to retain single-lot or single-farm qualities. Many others invested in their own small-scale post harvest equipment and doing more of the process themselves. This has increased the coffee quality and traceability to single farm. 

Costa Rica is the most developed and safest countries in Central America. This makes it a popular tourism destination and ecotourism in particular. Bringing income from abroad creating inflation and the rising of the quality of life. As a result has impacted rural areas and farmers with higher labor costs compared to other producing countries in the Americas. For that reason Costa Rican coffee tends to be on the expensive side. 

Typically Costa Rican taste profile is very clean and sweet with light body. Although, micro-mills are producing a wider range of styles. 

We often have at least one Costa Rican origin coffee in our café or available in whole bean or ground bags on our online store. See below for our current products from Costa Rica or click the button to visit our full online store.