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Coffee Origin Burundi

A little information about Burundi as an origin for coffee beans.

Coffee first appeared in Burundi in the 1920s under Belgian colonial rule and form 1933 every small farmer had to cultivate at leat 50 coffee trees. Once in 1962 Burundi gained the independence the coffee went private. Since then the coffee production as increasing very year until the civil war in 1993 which lasted until 2005 made the coffee production drop. Burundi is landlocked which makes harder for farmers to export the coffee as it has to travel long distances to a neighbour country port, making the transportation by land sometimes more expensive than the cargo ships to Europe. 

With a return to a more peaceful time, Burundi also began to return to investing in the development of its coffee industry, which provided people with a chance for a new beginning and financial success. From 2005 Burundi started to focus more into speciality coffee as the government and international private companies started to invest in the coffee sector. At the same time, smallholder producers sought increased self-determination and began to organising themselves into cooperatives allowing a more direct and traceable purchasing. 

The best coffees from Burundi tend to be very juicy with complex berry flavours. 

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