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Our Origin Story

Figment was established in 2017 by Neil Glover. The journey to get there however, was not staightforward. Neil shares the Figment origin story below including how a law suit for millions of dollars against him – back when he had no coffee experience and a career in Oil & Gas, led him to a fluke encounter with a “life changing latte”.

The specialty coffee industry absorbed Neil almost immediately, and from from that moment, through the kindness of strangers like Greenway and in particular Russell Hayward at Ascension, opening their and his experience and expertise up without agenda, Neil found an almost instant love of coffee, the industry and the people involved, so much so that he left Oil & Gas and started Figment Coffee back home in Aberdeen.

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Our Mission

Our aim is to re-create that magical cup of coffee that changed Neil’s life, for everyone who enters Figments doors or buys our coffee.

To create a place of refuge, where you can find headspace with great coffee and food, hopefully making you feel that little bit better when you leave than you did when you walked in.

We want to source coffee ethically, responsibly and sustainably and to work closely with our suppliers, our customers and local businesses to create something special together.


Coffee Beans Falling from the Sky